10:1 Underleaf Pearl Extract

10:1 Underleaf Pearl Extract
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Product Details

Brief Introduction 

Product Name:Underleaf Pearl Extract

Appearance:Brown Powder

Used part:Leaf

Extraction Type:Solvent Extraction


Grade:Food grade

Extract Ratio:10:1

10:1 Underleaf Pearl Extract is extracted from the leaves of Phyllanthus urinaria L.. Underleaf Pearl Extract has a strong protective effect on our liver, can also protect our eyes, effectively relieve visual fatigue, improve vision and relax the eyes, so it is suitable for adolescents and people with excessive eye consumption.

The active ingredients of underleaf pearl extract include gallic acid, methoxyanthronic acid, egg sterol, succinic acid, carotenoid, camellia, ferulic acid, lignan, quercetin, short-leaved hematoxylin, Corilagin, flavonoids, dehydroabietronic acid, tannins, alkaloids, rutin, quercetin, short-leaved hemic acid ethyl ester, short-leaved hematoxylin, geranin, short-leaved hematoxylin and Dehydroquinone hypo-acid trimethyl ester. Among them, gallic acid is the main active ingredient and has an antiviral effect.


1. Anti-hepatitis B virus effect

2. Anti-hepatocyte injury

In vitro experiments showed that lignans and under-beads have protective effects on carbon tetrachloride-induced hepatocyte injury.

3. Anti Primary hepatocellular carcinoma

The lignan component in underleaf pearl extract has antitumor, anti-mitotic, antiviral and the like activities.

4. Anti-HIV

It has an inhibitory effect on HIV reverse transcriptase (HIV-IRT).