5% Salvianic Acid A

5% Salvianic Acid A
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Product Details

Brief Introduction 

Product Name:  Salvia Extract

Latin Name: Perilla Frutescens (L.) Brltt. ,Salvia sclarea

Part used: Flower, Stem and Leaf

Specification: 98% Sclareolide/Sclareol

Ratio : 4:1~20:1 ; Straight Powder

Appearance: Off-white to White crystal powder

Test Method: TLC

CAS#: 564-20-5

Molecular Formula: C16H26O2

Molecular Weight: 250.38

Melting Point: 120~124ºC8

The Features

1.The salvia extract with 5% salvianic acid A is available to treat coronary heart disease which can improve coronary circulation and inhibit thrombosis. For that it is rich in Danshensu which has  a significant expansion of the coronary arteries, increasing coronary blood flow, reducing myocardial oxygen consumption, slowing heart rate and increasing myocardial contractility.

2. It can inhibit the synthesis of endogenous cholesterol, reduce the production of oxidized low-density lipoprotein, reduce neutral fat, and can be used for atherosclerosis caused by hyperlipidemia.

3. Widely used in food industry, it can be used as a flavoring agent to increase the smell of food effect, and you can add small amount of sclareolid in the coffee industry in order to increase the bitter coffee with the better flavor.

4. It is anti-infective that the salvia extract with 5% salvianic scid A can be used for purulent and surgical infections, such as acute tonsillitis, otitis externa, osteomyelitis, surgical infection, etc..