Anthraquinone Flavone Powder

Anthraquinone Flavone Powder
Product Details

Brief Introduction 

[English name]:Bacopin Extract , Morinda Root Extract


[Latin Name]:Morinda officinalis How

[Active ingredients]: Anthraquinones, flavonoids

[Specification] 5:1 10:1 20:1

[Test method]TLC

[Product properties] Brown yellow powder

The health benefits of Bacopin Extract 

-The bacopin extract is the anthraquinone flavone powder in fact which is composed of anthraquinones and  flavonoids.

-It is available to protect the heart that it can be used as the healthcare products that it can strength the body, which can also improve the immune function.

-And it is able to reduce the blood pressure, improve the sleeping quality, promote blood coagulation as well as enhance the study ability.

-It is capable of reducing the risk of stomach cancer in women for that it can inhibit the growth of the cancer cells, which can greatly promote the progress of the cancer treatment.

-The anthraquinone flavone powder is widely used in daily life that it can be served as a food additive in the production of beverages, alcohol, baked goods, and pastries

-Safe, green and natural, it is a good solution  which is convenient to our daily life.

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