Cascara Bark Powder

Cascara Bark Powder
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-Cascara bark powder is extracted from the cascara bark, which is quite natural and pure with no additives. And it is green and clean with no pollution which is manufactured with advanced technology.

-It has the uniform particles that it is easy to be absorbed in order to gain the outstanding performance. And it is convenient to move and carry, taking up little space. And it should be kept at the dry and cool place to prolong its service life.

-Containing the emodin, it is available to inhibit the bacterial growth which can be used as the healthcare products to build the strong body.

-With the chrysophanol, it is anti-aging which is able to make the skin soft and smooth that you will be charming and confident.

-Cascara bark powder has effect on detoxification which can make people feel comfortable, getting rid of the fever with the healthy body. It is widely used for the pharmaceutical industry to maintain  the healthy  and strong body.

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