Chasteberry Extract Vitexicarpin

Chasteberry Extract Vitexicarpin
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Product Details

Product Specification

Product Name: Chasteberry Extract

Botanical Source: Vitex agnus-castus Linn 

Used Part: Fruit

Specification:0.5% Agnuside by HPLC

Appearance: Grey Brown Fine Powder

Product Description 
-Chasteberry Extract vitexicarpin can promote the production of luteinizing hormone, thereby directly promoting the production of progesterone. It can balance too much estrogen, make the human hormone cycle reach equilibrium again, and make the menstrual cycle regular.

-And it can help maintain normal secretion of prolactin, relieves premenstrual breast pain and promotes breast health.

-It is safe and pure with the advanced technology that almost it has no side effects. And it is a kind of green pridcts that it has no pesticides, which is quite healthy.

-It is a good solution for the women with irregular menstruation,  breast pain and headache during premenstrual period, or the  poor circulation in the body, and adult women who care for breast health

-Chasteberry Extract vitexicarpin has uniform particles since it is produced by out company with the strict standards and high quality control.

Technical Information