Chicory Acid Extract

Chicory Acid Extract
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Product Details

Product Specification

Product name:  chicory root extract powder 

Active ingredient:Inulin40%,90%

Botanical source: Cichorium intybus L 

Part of the plant used:Root

Specification: 50%-98% 

Test method:HPLC

Product Features

-The chicory acid extract is capable of enhancing immune function that you can have the strong body, far away from the illness.

-Available to promote the absorption of Ca, Mg, Fe, etc., it is able to keep the balance with the healthy body.

-It is a good solution to lose weight that it can improve the fat metabolism and promote the metabolism in order to make you build the slim figure.

-The chicory acid extract is able to promote the metabolism that it can be used to protect the liver. Containing the inulin, it can reduce the pigmentation of the skin, whitening and beautifying the skin, making the skin brilliance and light, which can also lower the blood pressure.

-It can also be used in food materials, food ingredients, chicory extract solid beverage raw materials, liquid beverage raw materials, compressed candy raw materials, etc.

-Pure, it is safe and efficient which is made from the green plants with no pesticides.