Chicory Root Extract Inulin

Chicory Root Extract Inulin
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Product name:  chicory root extract powder 

Active ingredient:Inulin40%,90%

Botanical source: Cichorium intybus L 

Part of the plant used:Root

Specification: 50%-98% 

Test method:HPLC


-The chicory root extract inulin  has the functions of improving intestinal calcium absorption, regulating calcium balance and bone mineral density, but does not affect the retention of other minerals, thereby affecting the bone structure and increasing the mineral concentration and bone mineral density in the bone.

-It is practical that it can not only be used for clearing liver and gallbladder, stomach and digestion, diuretic swelling, lowering blood sugar, etc., but also treat various inflammations, jaundice, hepatomegaly, gout and rheumatism.

-Also, it can be used to lose weight for that it can greatly promote the the metabolism, which can also be used to treat the cancer because it is anti-cancer.

-The chicory root extract inulin is widely used in daily life that it can serve as the nutrition supplements which is easy to be absorbed with the uniform particles.

-It is pure with no additives and no pollutions since it is made from the natural plants with the advanced technology.