About Tribulus Terrestris Extract,you need to know

Tribulus Terrestris is an extremely powerful medicinal plant with strong effect on testosterone and everything associated with it.Tribulus Terrestris also take effect on athletes'endurance without running into problem with anti-doping controls.Tribulus plant has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for 3000 years more.

We extract the effective constituent named saponins 40%,45%,60%,80%,90%,UV tested.Tribulus Saponins is yellow brown powder with special smell.The solvent is Ethanol& water.

Extraction flow:

Tribulus Fruit➤➤➤Shattered➤➤➤Alcohol Extraction➤➤➤Concentrate➤➤➤Extraction➤➤➤Drying➤➤➤Finished Products➤➤➤Shattered➤➤➤Mixed➤➤➤Test➤➤➤Package


Apex's advantages:

*Powder is fine,no black spot

*Wild &natural materials(natural trubulus terrestris fruit)

*Technical help after sales

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