What are the benefits if we keep taking Danshen(Salvia) Extract

 Salvia Extract is a natural supplement material extracted by Danshen(Salvia)Root.During the entire extraction procession,we preserve some compounds, original salvianolic acid and rosmarinic acid for antioxidant effects.

Traditionally, Danshen(Salvia) Extract has been used to improve bodily functioning, as well as to treat bleeding, abnormal menstruation, miscarriage, swelling, insomnia, and hepatitis. More recent uses include treatment of blood vessel/heart and brain/blood vessel conditions.

Danshen has been used extensively in Chinese medicine for many years. Limited studies have shown efficacy in coronary artery disease and stroke, but the quality of study methods limits the validity of the findings.


Danshen Extract may interfere with measurements of digoxin levels in blood and may increase the blood thinning effect of warfarin. It may reduce midazolam concentrations in blood, and decreasing the pharmacologic effects, which can potentially change the effects for many drugs.

Side Effects

Adverse reactions appear to be limited to allergy, dizziness, headache, mild intestinal symptoms, and reversible changes in blood cell counts.


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