Milk Thistle For Live Cancer

Milk Thistle For Live Cancer
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Product Details

Brief Introduction

Product Name: Milk Thistle Extract

Botanical Source: Silybum marianum

Used Part: Seeds

Specification:Silymarin 80% by UV

Silymarin 80% UV,30%SB+ISB by HPLC

Water Soluble Silymarin40% by UV

Silybin 90% by HPLC

Milk Thistle Extract


Test Method


80% & 30% SB


80% & 30% SB+ISB


45%-55% SB+ISB+SC+SD







Water Soluble Silymarin



Health Benefits

The role of milk thistle

1. Prevent liver damage. Treatment of liver disease

2. It has strong anti-oxidation effect, can reduce the chance of liver cells being destroyed by free radicals, protect liver cell membrane, and has anti-radiation effect.

3. Reduce the side effects of certain prescription drugs.

4. Regulate the secretion of bile, help digestion of fat, but also nourish the stomach and spleen and kidney.

5. For mild or transient liver index (GOT, GPT or ALT, AST), milk thistle has a good effect.

6. It is helpful for the improvement of the condition of patients with hepatitis C (C), so milk thistle is also suitable for hepatitis patients who do not have much reaction to normal drugs.

7. For patients with chronic hepatitis virus, if the liver function index has a long-term high, supplemented with milk thistle as a maintenance, can effectively help reduce the rate of liver cell damage and cancer.

Suitable people

1. All kinds of liver function damage, liver disease, liver and gallbladder disorders.

2. All kinds of hepatitis, fatty liver, cirrhosis patients.

3. Jaundice, patients with cholecystitis.

4. Regular drinking and irregular work schedules.

5. People who often work in a polluted environment.

The main function of milk thistle is to clear the liver and gallbladder, with the following detoxification functions:

1. Open the capillary tube of the liver cells, let the bile flow unimpeded in the bile duct, and accelerate the discharge of toxic substances from the "general bile duct";

2. Dilute the toxin, increase the water solubility of the toxin, after the liver treatment, the "total bile duct" discharges the toxin, purifies the blood, this process is called "biochemical conversion detoxification";

3. To promote the repair and regeneration of liver cells, is conducive to help liver cells to integrate the blood of the "portal vein" into the body's protein, sugar, and essential fatty acids.


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Technical Information

Typical Chromatogram

Silybin (SB)

Isosilybinin (ISB)

Silydianin (SD)

Silychristin (SC)

Raw Material(Milk Thistle Seeds)