Motherwort Herb P.E

Motherwort Herb P.E
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Brief Introduction 

Motherwort txtract is manufactured of the plant motherwort with the functions of promoting blood circulation, regulating phlegm, diuresis and swelling, and clearing away heat and detoxification. It is pure, natural and safe with no pollution, which is a kind of green products. 

Product Name: Motherwort Extract

Botanical Source: Leonurus sibiricus

Used Part: Aerial Parts

Specification:1% Leonurine by HPLC

Appearance: Yellow Brown Powder

-Motherwort herb P.E has a significant excitatory effect on the uterus, which is characterized by increased uterine tension, increased contraction and rhythm. It can significantly increase the contraction of the uterine muscle, and its effect is similar to that of the posterior pituitary hormone.

-It inhibits platelet aggregation, thrombosis, and aggregation of red blood cells. It can dilate blood vessels and has a short-term antihypertensive effect.

-Motherwort has the effect of treating acute renal failure, which can improve renal function, and motherwort has obvious diuretic effect.

-The motherwort herb P.E is practical and useful that it has the functions of enhancing immune system function and inhibiting bacteria.

-It is widely used as the healthcare products to strength the body with the improved immune system, far away from the illness.

Technical Information