Natural Bacopin Extract 10:1

Natural Bacopin Extract 10:1
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Brief Introduction 

[English name]:Bacopin Extract , Morinda Root Extract


[Latin Name]:Morinda officinalis How

[Active ingredients]: Anthraquinones, flavonoids

[Specification] 5:1 10:1 20:1

[Test method]TLC

[Product properties] Brown yellow powder


-Natural bacopin extract 10:1 is the traditional Chinese medicine which is available to enhance the sexual strength of men and women with the stable efficiency.

-Containing the anthraquinones, it can promote blood coagulation which can also promote the metabolism.

-With the learning and memory-enhancing effects, it is able to improve the speed of early information processing, verbal learning rate, and memory consolidation in humans.

-It is great for its anti-depressant and anti-anxiety effects that people taking this natural bacopin extract 10:1 can better handle stress and feel less anxious and depressed than usual.

-Also, it has the function of lowering the blood pressure, which is widely daily life to maintain the healthy body.

-The natural bacopin extract 10:1 is safe which is produced with the brown yellow powder that it easy to be absorbed with the uniform particles.