Recruitment Notification Of Apex Biotech Ltd





  • Position:international sales manager and sales

  • Age:22-40

  • Three months of enternship

  • Working Location: Xi'an city, China

  • Full-time job

  • Validity period:Mar,2016


Desired Qualifications+ Skills:

  • Bachelor‘s Degree preferred

  • 2+ years of sales or marketing experience in biotechnology, phytochemical, ex-import business or international trade industry

  • Master one foreign language at least,  English, Spain,Japanese or French, speaking fluency

  • Proficiency in use of Microsoft Office Suite including Word, PowerPoint,  Excel and photoshop etc.

  • Have independently participated in international exhibitions is preferred

  • General business process skills

  • Attention to detail, organization and follow-through

  • Ability to undertake multiple tasks

  • Effective verbal and written communication




  • Excellent benefits package including medical allowance, paid vacation, holidays, and quarterly bonus.



Apex is professional plant extract manufacturer in China,we concerntrate on producing herbal ingredients with high quality for customers.With the global business development,we plan to recruit some international sales.

welcome to join us and work together.