Pedicularis Densiflora Extract Powder

Pedicularis Densiflora Extract Powder
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Pedicularis densiflora is a perennial herb with stout, green or sometimes reddish or magenta stems and fern-shaped leaves, and deep red to bright pink flowers and long spikes with dentate petals.

Like other genera of its genus, it is a root parasitic plant that attaches to the roots of other plants to obtain nutrients and water. This species is a facultative parasite or a unilateral parasite because it can survive without attaching to another plant, but it can be parasitic if there is an opportunity. It is often parasitic on plants of the Badlands family, such as manzanita.

Pedicularis Densiflora Extract Powder has the effect of phlegm and rheumatism. Commonly used for rheumatoid joint pain, urinary calculi, dysuria, women with leucorrhea, wind dysentery, hemorrhoids.

Modern research

Clinically used for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis pain, hemorrhoids, urinary calculi caused by poor urination and so on.


1. Used for centuries to kill parasites, especially worms and trematodes;

2. Artemisinin is generally well tolerated at doses used to treat malaria;

3. Mainly used for liver, gallbladder and stomach diseases and discharge of intestinal worms.


1.Nutritional supplement

2. Healthy food

3. Drinks

4. Pharmaceutical products

5. Skin care materials