Polygonum Multiflorum Extract

Polygonum Multiflorum Extract
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The polygonum multiflorum extract is the extract of the dry root of Polygonum multiflorum. The main functional components are lecithin, emodin, rhein and other ingredients. 

Main effects: anti-aging effect, immune system, hypolipidemic and anti-atherosclerosis, myocardial protection, liver protection, neuroprotection, antibacterial effect. Patients with diarrhea and pregnant women should not take this medicine.

Its function is hair care and anti-aging. Studies have shown that Polygonum multiflorum can delay aging, and its vitamin E can prevent wrinkles regeneration. A large number of lipid peroxidation products accumulate in aging animals, accompanied by a decrease in superoxide dismutase activity.

Pharmacological action

1. Anti-aging and neuroprotective effects

Polygonum multiflorum extract, especially its main component, TSG may improve the learning and memory and exercise capacity of model animals by improving the fluidity of neuronal mitochondrial membrane and improving the synaptic plasticity, and play a neuroprotective role by inhibiting the apoptosis of nerve cells. .

2. Lowering blood fat and anti-atherosclerosis

The ethanol extract of Polygonum multiflorum was administered by 0.084, 0.84, 8.4g/kg for 6 weeks, which could inhibit the increase of plasma total cholesterol, triglyceride, free cholesterol and cholesterol ester in high bloody sputum and delay the formation of cerebral atherosclerosis. And development.

3. Anti-tumor effect

Polygonum multiflorum and its effective monomers mainly exert its anti-tumor effect by causing cell cycle arrest, inducing apoptosis and inhibiting cell proliferation.

4. Immunomodulatory effects

5. Hair growth

Polygonum multiflorum is a traditional Chinese medicine that has a black hair and hair growth effect. A reasonable application will have a good hairdressing effect.

6. Other

In addition to anti-aging and neuroprotection, hypolipidemic and anti-atherosclerosis, anti-tumor, immune regulation, and urinary hair growth, Polygonum multiflorum also has diarrhea, antiviral, myocardial protection, and cerebral ischemia/reperfusion injury. Neuroprotection and anti-osteoporosis effects.

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