Shitake Mushrooms Polysaccharide

Shitake Mushrooms Polysaccharide
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Lentinan (LNT) Lentinus edodes polysaccharide is an effective active ingredient extracted from high-quality mushroom fruiting body. It is the main active ingredient of shiitake mushroom and is a host defense potentiator (HDP). Clinical and pharmacological studies have shown that Lentinus edodes polysaccharide has antiviral, antitumor, immune function and stimulation of interferon formation.

Mechanism of action

Lentinan has no immune-promoting effect on normal organisms, but it can improve the immune response of tumor-bearing or infected organisms. The preparation has no direct anticancer effect in the animal screening test, but obviously promotes the transformation of the lymphocyte culture in vitro. It has been found that thymosectal injections of anti-lymphocyte serum can attenuate the anti-tumor activity of lentinan, and its action can be attenuated by the macrophage inhibitor carrageenan and silica gel. Therefore, lentinan is a thymus-dependent T cell-directed and specialized immunoadjuvant with macrophage involvement. It can recognize macrophages of antigens in the spleen and liver, promote the production of lymphocyte activating factor, release various helper T cell factors, and enhance the phagocytosis rate of host peritoneal macrophages. When the host body injects lentinan for several hours, some The levels of physiologically active serum factors such as acute phase protein inducing factor, vasodilation and hemorrhagic inducing factor, IL-1 production inducing factor, IL3 and colony stimulating factor peak. These factors act on lymphocytes, hepatocytes, and vascular endothelial cells to produce many effective immune responses, and at the same time cause precursor T cells in the thymus to mature, differentiate, proliferate and release to the periphery.

Extraction of lentinan

Lentinus edodes is a polar macromolecular compound whose specific structure is closely related to immune activity. It is generally believed that increasing the solubility of the polysaccharide is beneficial to increase its physiological activity; the activity of the medium relative molecular mass polysaccharide exceeds the excessive or too low relative molecular mass polysaccharide; the polysaccharide soluble in hot water has been confirmed to have antitumor activity. At present, the extraction of lentinan is mostly carried out by using hot water and a dilute alkali solution to avoid the reaction in a strong acid or alkali solution, otherwise the glycosidic bond breakage and conformational change in the polysaccharide are easily caused. The commonly used separation and purification methods are generally subjected to steps such as boiling water extraction, ethanol precipitation, dialysis and column chromatography.