Shu Di Huang Extract

Shu Di Huang Extract
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Brief Introduction 

Radix Rehmanniae Extract

Other name: Radix rehmanniae extract /  Digitalis lanata Extract / Chinese Foxglove extract  

Specification : 5:1;10:1;20:1 or Customize

Active Ingredients :  Digitalin;Rehmaionoside;Lanatoside  

Usege : Pharmaceutical / Health product

Part Used : Root


1. Shu Di Huang extract is able to treat the hyperlipidemia caused by high-fat foods, fatty liver and hepatic venous hemorrhage caused by endotoxin in rats have inhibitory effects on thrombosis.

2. It is capable of improving symptoms such as insomnia, headache, dizziness, numbness in the hands and feet caused by high blood pressure, and slow heart rate. It has an improvement effect on myocardial strain, left ventricular hypertension and myocardial insufficiency caused by hypertension.

3. Practical, it can also shorten the clotting time, promote blood coagulation, enhance learning and memory, anti-anxiety, anti-tumor, central inhibition.

4. Besides, it is anti-aging which can make people look younger with the soft skin.

5. The Shu Di Huang extract is widely used as the Chinese medicine to help people build the strong and healthy body by improving the immune system.

6. Customized service is available that it will be made according to your requirements. And it is natural with no additives, no harmful substances, which is quite pure and safe