Underleaf Pearl Extract Powder

Underleaf Pearl Extract Powder
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The underleaf pearl extract powder contains 19 kinds of amino acids, nearly 20 kinds of minerals and high-activity biological taurine and rich pearl protein and a large number of trace elements, which can improve the activity of human anti-aging factor SOD and amino acid carrier GSH-PX. Dingsing, clearing away heat and detoxifying, soothing the liver and protecting the liver, regulating the stomach, supplementing calcium, supplementing trace elements, and delaying skin aging, freckle, acne, anti-wrinkle, enhancing skin's luster and elasticity; regulating metabolism by regulating human body secretion And enhance the body's immunity and other functions.

Main ingredients

Protein (18 amino acids can be obtained after hydrolysis, 7 of which are essential amino acids), calcium carbonate with aragonite structure, more than 20 trace elements and vitamin B.

Modern pharmacological research, the main components of pearl powder are calcium carbonate, taurine, trace elements required by the human body, and contain the amino acids required by the human body (glycine, methionine, alanine, leucine, glutamic acid Etc), its role is as follows:

Taurine: It can effectively regulate the central nervous system and endocrine of the human body, and help sleep and sleep.

Glycine and methionine: Helps to improve skin texture comprehensively and permanently. It has the effects of ecchymosis, acne removal, beauty delaying aging, improving human secretion, promoting metabolism and enhancing physical fitness.

In addition to the above effects, pearl powder also has the effect of calming the nerves, clearing away detoxification, reducing inflammation and relieving pain. It treats neurasthenia, duodenal ulcer, easy infection of upper respiratory tract disease, pediatric nightingale, easy to wake up and sweat, and long-term acne , sore throat and other symptoms have curative effect.


Pearl powder, sweet, salty, cold; heart, liver. Relieve the liver and clear the eyes; detoxify the muscles. The main convulsions; upset insomnia; convulsions epilepsy; eye red barrier; mouth sores; throat ulcers; sores for a long time do not close.

1. Enhance immunity

Pearl powder contains 18 kinds of amino acids such as leucine, methionine and alanine. Amino acids are essential for lymphoid tissue organ growth and maturity, and have a significant effect on intracellular protein synthesis rate and synthetic protein type. Long-term adherence to oral pearl powder can effectively improve the activity of T and B lymphocytes in the human immune system, thereby enhancing immunity and disease resistance.

2. Supplement calcium

Modern nutritionist studies have shown that the amount of calcium that modern humans need every day is seriously out of tune with the amount of calcium actually consumed. As a new type of calcium supplement, pearl powder is increasingly favored and valued by consumers, and is known as “Pearl Calcium”.

First, the calcium content is high, and the pearl powder contains 90-92% of active calcium, wherein the amount of pure calcium reaches 38-40%.

Secondly, calcium has high digestion and absorption rate. Currently, calcium supplements on the market are classified into organic calcium and inorganic calcium. The absorption rate is between 25-32%, calcium gluconate is 27%, and calcium citrate is 30%. The absorption rate of ordinary pearl powder is 29%, and the absorption rate of nano-grade pearl powder is higher.

3. Delay aging

The three kinds of trace elements such as manganese, copper and zinc contained in pearl powder are the components of SOD. The surface coated with pearl powder can promote the activity of superoxide dismutase (SOD) in human skin, inhibit the synthesis of melanin and keep the skin white. . In addition, since SOD has the effect of scavenging free radicals, the use of pearl powder to coat the surface can prevent skin aging and wrinkling.