Water Soluble Ginger Extract

Water Soluble Ginger Extract
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Product Name:Water Soluble Ginger Root Extract

Latin Name:Zingiber officinale

Used Part:Root

Specs:1%-6% gingerols by HPLC, 10%-15%gingerol by HPLC, Water-soluble1% by HPLC

Appearance:Yellow Brown Powder


-With the function of perspiration, and alleviating the fatigue, weakness, anorexia and other symptoms, the water soluble ginger extract is a good solution to strength the body in the cold winter, especially you are wet with the rain.

-It has excellent anti-aging properties due to its ability to almost totally inhibit collagen degradation by collagenase enzyme inhibition.

-Anti-bacterial, it can be used to make the shampoo which can make you have the clean hair.

-The water soluble ginger extract is practical and useful that it can not only used as the sauces to make the delicious food, but also the healthcare products.

-The powder is extraxted from the green ginger with no pesticides that it is safe, healthy and pure. Manufactured with the advanced technology, it has the uniform particles which is easy to use.

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Typical Chromatogram OF Ginger Root Extract(Gingerols5%)