Wild Lettuce Leaf Powder Extract

Wild Lettuce Leaf Powder Extract
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Wild Lettuce Leaf Extract

Biological Name: Lactuca virosa

Other Names: Wild Lettuce, Lettuce Opium 

Appearance : Light green fine powder 

CAS No: 1891-29-8

Molecular Formula : C15H16 O5

Parts Used: Dried leaves

Specification:  10:1,5:1 

Test Method: TLC

-For that the lettuce tastes fresh and slightly bitter, the wild lettuce leaf powder extract  is available to stimulate the secretion of digestive enzymes and increases appetite.

-It is conducive to the body's water and electrolyte balance, promote urination and milk secretion.

-Rich in iron which can be absorbed by the human body, it is very beneficial to patients with iron deficiency anemia. The extract of lettuce has a high inhibition rate on some cancer cells, so it can be used to prevent cancer and cancer.

-The wild lettuce leaf powder extractcan promote intestinal wall peristalsis, help stool excretion and make you get rid of the harmful substances, providing the healthy body with slim figure.

-It is widely used in daily life that it can be used in daily life, especially when you have the BBQ. Also, it can work as the nutrition supplement to build the strong body.